About Us

About US

The mission of the Westcliffe Estates Community Association is to:

  • Foster a good community spirit in the neighborhood known as Westcliffe Estates.
  • Sponsor social and/or recreational activities, programs and projects for and on behalf of the community of Westcliffe Estates.
  • To coordinate community relations with governmental bodies, organizations and other associations.

More About the board

The Westcliffe Estates Community Association Board manages the rentals and programming at the Westcliffe Community Centre Building located at 681 Seyton Drive.

WECA hosts several annual community events, organizes community sports in the spring and manages the rink maintenance in the winter.

If you would like to help us make Westcliffe Estates a stronger community, please send us an email at info@westcliffeestates.ca.

Westcliffe Estates Community

Westcliffe Estates is a neighbourhood in the West end of Bells Corners which was founded in 1969. We are conveniently located next to the beautiful NCC Greenbelt and trails, two provincial highways (416 & 417), an upcoming O-Train station and bike path.

Westcliffe Estates has many parks and green spaces, a Community Building, a French Catholic High School, and several local businesses.

Did You Know?

Many of our streets names are inspired by Shakespearian characters: Ariel, Cymbeline, Florizel, Forester, Lovell, Oberon, Priam, Tarquin, Tybalt and Tyrrell.

Westcliffe estates stats

  • Population is 4,346 (2016)
  • Approximately 25 % of the population are part of a visible minority group.
  • Average age is 42.
  • 18 % is over the age of 65.
  • The number of people per household is 2.3 in average.
  • Median total income per household is 70,258$.
  • Around 13 % of the population is low income.
  • Around 25 % of population speak English and French.
  • Around 9 % reported their mother tongue being neither French or English


Westcliffe Park is the area surrounding the Westcliffe Community Centre on Seyton Drive. It is home to the Westcliffe Community Centre Building, a splash pad, 3 play structures, swings, a track, 2 soccer fields and a baseball diamond. It is also home to Franco Quest Catholic High School.

In addition, there are smaller parks and greenspaces throughout the neighbourhood:

  • Priam Park – includes a small structure, greenspace and a link to NCC trails
  • Florizel Park – greenspace and link to NCC trails
  • Forestview Park – greenspace and link to NCC trails
  • Tarquin Crescent – greenspace and a Community garden

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